Five Things to Try In March


Five Things to Try In March

March already?! Now it feels like the year has officially started and just gets busier from here.  But with each new month there’s always something to look forward to.  Here are five things that are on my list for March. 1. Art of Accessorizing:  Accessorizing your accessories is the trend of the season.  From Anya […]


How to be Healthier and More Successful in 2015

Living here in Hong Kong we just celebrated the new Lunar Year so it’s a fresh new year.  The new year is such a great time to take make those changes you have been promising to make and take action.  We created our list of 10 things to try for 2015 to live a healthier and […]


Oversized Art for the Home

We are settling nicely into our new Hong Kong life.  We’ve unpacked, met new friends and enjoy exploring our new city.  Our new flat is finally starting to feel like “home.”  There’s nothing better than moving to a new place and starting the decoration process.  It’s a great time to change things up and try something new.  The […]


Five for Feburary – New Things to Try this Month

With a new month there is always a sense of a fresh start.  At the beginning of each month I like to create a list of new things to try. Whether it’s adding a new trend to my wardrobe, trying a new activity or dusting off a past skill-set, I love creating a new list each […]


How to Wear Denim at Work

We decided to bring an oldie but goodie back….Workplace Wednesday!  This week’s topic: Denim. Denim is a must in any girl’s closet.  It’s easy to want to wear it everyday of the week even for work.  Think denim can’t be professional?  Think again.  We were inspired by some chic denim street style to help us update our […]


10 Tips to be Successful When Working from Home

For many, working from home brings up images of staying in pajamas all day and taking long leisurely lunches. But people need to realize that while working from home offers a lot of freedom and flexibly, in order to be successful one needs to remember it is still a professional job and needs to be treated as […]


Monogram Madness

One of the biggest trends on the streets right now are monograms. They are popping up all over and not just for the Southern belle’s button down shirt or guest room towels anymore.  Once associated only for luggage tags or custom tailored shirts, it is a full fledge trend that fashionistas everywhere have embraced whole-heartly.  We saw […]


Tasty Thursday:: Healthy Green Banana Almond Smoothie

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to get back into those skinny jeans.  The New Year is a perfect time to start clean with your diet and exercise.  But instead of starting yet another diet (which you’ll probably drop as soon as your next dinner out happens), decide to create a healthy lifestyle so it […]


5 Things to Create an Amazing 2015

There’s something so amazing about the start to a new year.  It’s a clean slate and the possibilities are limitless.  It’s a great time to embrace your renewed optimism and create the life you always dreamed of.  The future looks so bright! Here is our list of 5 things we are doing to help us create an […]


Cyber Monday Deals + Steals

It’s time to dust off the Thanksgiving weekend food coma and head to your computer for some amazing Cyber Monday deals.  We have officially entered into Holiday season.  It’s one of my favorite times of year, and adding in amazing discounts just makes gift buying that much more fun.  We have created a holiday gift […]